✓Hon. Obhoo, HRH Omeleh Extol Legislative Feat

       Die-hard party loyalists have become rare to find in Nigeria’s party-politics. This is clearly affirmed by the rate of back and forth defections that are regularly witnessed ahead of and after primary and general elections, often for flimsy reasons and lack of ideological commitment. 

       A popular school of thought attributes the ugly trend to the absence of strong party ideology or disregard for it, if any exits. But some pundits have looked at the issue from a different perspective which emphasizes the nature of the individual politician.   

      Senator Moses Cleopas, took a pensive look at the issue, buttressing his stance with Prof. Steve Azaiki as a case in point. 

        Senator Moses who is the immediate past chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bayelsa State Chapter, made the choice of Azaiki as a case study, as he put it, because of experience from being in charge of the party, as State Chairman.

     Moses spoke last year, June, 2020, at the one year anniversary and stewardship account of Prof. Azaiki as a House of Representative member. He noted that the said Green Chamber Lawmaker, displayed unparalleled loyalty to the party and the former government under Senator Seriake Dickson.

       He gave an instance that, at the twilight of the Dickson administration and the PDP’S governorship primary election when internal strife ensured over nomination of candidate for the 2019 governorship election, Prof. Azaiki was one person that remained faithful. 

         Senator Moses added that, many strong members of the party and strong associates of the then governor, decamped to the opposition All Progressives Party in the State over perceived political disaffections held by them. But, as he put it, Azaiki remained firm with the party and the former governor, the former party chairman harped. 

       Even close to the general governorship election, Senator Moses recalled that, many party faithful defected to the APC, which had attempted to take power in the state, yet, Prof. Azaiki, remained firm with the PDP. 

        He further recalled that even at the terminal part of the Dickson government, Prof. Azaiki was one of the persons who displayed loyalty, to the extent of rallying round the then governor in state activities, commissioning of projects, as well as party campaigns for the November 16, 2019 governorship election.

       According to him, Azaiki is a widely educated, globally connected and resourceful personality, yet humble and respects everyone. Moses said, he noticed these traits while leading the PDP and especially, during the party’s National Assembly candidates nomination exercise, a time in which he first had one on one dealings with the academic and technocrat.

          Not only that, Prof. Azaiki is a man who appreciates any gesture anyone does to him, Senator Moses said. He added that, the House of Representative member has shown modest appreciation to many persons who played key roles during his election.

         As a resourceful person, also keen about the progress of the people who he has been serving since his days as Agriculture and Natural Resources Commissioner and later Secretary to State Government (SSG) under late Chief D. S. P Alamieyeseigha, Azaiki has in addition to his personal Foundation and public Library, rendered selfless services to the state, Senator Moses stated. 

       Given the Lawmaker’s zeal for public service, in addition to the academic and travelling exposures, the former PDP boss said, he was not surprised at the parliamentary input and constituency projects so far achieved for the Yelga/Kolga Federal Constituency. The Senator contended that the party’s and voters’ choice of the Prof. Azaiki, were not misplaced.

       He urged the people of Epie/Atissa, Yelga/Kolga and Bayelsa to always value Prof. Azaiki, noting that it was not easy to have a personality of such caliber in an area, stressing that Azaiki is a material for the whole Bayelsa, Niger Delta and Nigeria.

      In their separate speeches, Chairman of the occasion, HRH Ovie Omeleh, Paramount Ruler of Yenaka community in Atissa Yenagoa, and the Special Guest of Honour, Hon. Diekivie Okulovie Obhoo, affirmed the descriptions made by Senator Moses, about Azaiki, adding that, the Rep Member had been keen about the advancement of mankind and society right from youthful days. 

       They expressed hope that at the end of the tenure, Prof. Azaiki would do more than he has done for the constituency and the Niger Delta. 


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